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2017-08-18 16:07:25 by svmmit

I still have no idea what I'm going to do next with music. in terms of what I'd like to create. a lot of the times that I'm sitting here making music, it feels like I'm making the same song over and over and I really don't want to release music like that. It's just boring. I'm not sure if I'll really even continue making music and if I do continue, I really am not sure when my next release will be. I feel like I need to do an almost full spin on style and create something genuienly new or I just wont put anything new out again.


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2017-08-18 16:59:27

I totally get what you mean. Once you make a song that people liked, you keep making songs a lot like that. Think about what kind of music YOU want. Do something different. If people don't like it, that means they liked the song, but were not looking for someone else. If you don't want to make music, then don't. But don't let unoriginality take you down, shake things up!